Methodological competence

All employees of Polynomics are specialists in their chosen fields. Each of them has extensive industry knowledge and many years of experience in applied economic research. We apply the latest scientific methods for you and make use of numerous analysis tools to develop solutions that are tailored to your specific issues and requirements.

Preference measurement

In order to launch new products successfully, you need to know the preferences of the population. This is also important when formulating new regulations. We measure how much people are willing to pay for your innovations, quantify benefits for economic evaluations, and elicit risk preferences of your customers (risk profiling).

Efficiency measurement

Would you like to know how efficient your divisions are, or the whole company? Using multidimensional methods that also account for external influences, we assess your company’s performance against the industry as a whole, determine sensible tariffs, and check benchmark calculations for public authorities within a regulatory context.

Assessment and evaluation

Companies, public authorities, politicians – we help you assess different courses of action, make important decisions, and formulate investment and sales strategies. Our econometric and business methods range from evaluations and cost-benefit analysis, through to discounted cash flow models.

Costing and pricing models

In network industries, costs and prices are often determined by regulation. By means of studies and empirical analysis, we assist you in developing these requirements within the political process. At the same time, we advise regulated companies on fulfilling requirements and the strategic options available to them when setting prices

Strategic mediation

Developing strategies that find acceptance within the company, association or among stakeholders can present a major challenge. With moderated workshops, scenario analyses and business war games, we help you determine the opinions of those involved, reach compromises and locate your optimal political position.