Media and telecommunications

Digitalisation is shaking up the media and telecommunications sector. Established compa-nies that want to retain or enhance their competitive edge in this new environment have to be innovative. Using tried-and-tested qualitative and quantitative methods, we advise com-munication companies, associations and public authorities on regulatory issues and help them make strategic decisions.

Financial models and business strategies

Do you want to optimise your portfolio, improve your risk management practices and evaluate promising new business models for your media and telecommunications compa-ny? We analyse different scenarios, develop cost and financial models, and advise you on the future strategic orientation of your company.

Optimisation of costs and processes

Comparison methods are highly useful for optimising costs and processes. We have extensive knowledge of these methods and their potential application. With a combination of econometric and statistical tools, we develop comparisons that enable you to improve the processes of your media company.

Competition and regulatory processes

How much market power do you have? What are the competitive implications of your business strategies? How do they affect users of your media and communication products? Working closely with relevant experts, we conduct competition analysis for you and create economic arguments and legal opinions.

Innovation and market analyses

In the media and telecommunications sector, only the most competitive products survive. Analysing your data records can help you make the right strategic decisions. We use economic methods to analyse how your customers react to new products and pricing strategies.