Industry experience

Polynomics specialises in the energy, healthcare, finance, transport, media and telecommunications industries and has been providing organisations with expert advice in these fields for many years. We support you in strategic and regulatory issues, anticipate forthcoming challenges within your industry, and help you make relevant decisions to steer your company or organisation toward a successful future.

Knowledge of the regulatory landscape

We are very familiar with industry-specific regulations and their backgrounds, using extensive expertise and analogies to offer you sound advice on regulatory issues. We develop tailored and innovative solutions to help you meet the requirements of applicable regulations, in technology, antitrust or basic supply issues.

Knowledge of market structures

In every network industry, supply and demand is determined by specific market structures. Some markets are open, others closed or only partially open. This must be taken into account when formulating pricing strategies and product portfolios. We advise you with (game theory) analysis, business war games and (international) case studies.