The healthcare sector is complex. To position yourself correctly in the long term, you need detailed analysis of the market and economic environment. We determine the (in)adequacy of different reimbursement systems for you, measure willingness to pay for innovations, evaluate new supply models and help you overcome additional challenges with our methodological expertise.

Tariff system reforms (SwissDRG, Tarmed, LOA, etc.)

If you are a service provider, insurance company or association, we help you develop reform proposals for Swiss tariff systems and support you in the political processes and court proceedings. Our analysis is data-based, unbiased and created according to scientific standards, providing a neutral opinion for public authorities and courts.

Determination of preferences and willingness to pay

Costs are a big issue in the healthcare sector. But what about the benefits for those concerned? To give you a solid basis for decision-making, we determine and analyse the preferences of the population on your behalf, and measure willingness to pay for new products and services.

Risk adjustment and risk compensation

We analyse your account data, so that you can create meaningful morbidity indicators and perform risk adjustments. We helped develop the classification system that will be used for risk compensation by health insurers, and we can help you implement the correspond-ing ordinance (VORA) from 2020 onward.

Evaluation of health-related economic innovations and HTA

How does the cost-benefit ratio look for your innovations? With scientifically substantiated methods, we help you perform health-related economic evaluations and health technology assessments (HTA). Here we use model calculations and analyse account data (real-life data).