The financial sector is in the midst of radical change. The recent crisis, the international call for greater transparency, and increasing digitalisation are just some of the challenges. We help you reorganise your internal processes, adapt your product range, and adopt a strong strategic position in this constantly changing environment.

Determination of risk profile and product development

Would you like to optimise your existing portfolios and develop new products? Using in-novative survey methods, we determine the risk profile of investors and policy-holders for you. At the same time, we help you meet the stricter regulatory requirements and improve your returns as a financial services provider.

Digitalisation and data handling

For financial services providers, data is one of the primary sources of added value. How-ever, analysis of large data volumes calls for extensive experience and innovative tools. Polynomics offers you both and will be happy to help you meet your digitalisation requirements.

Macroeconomic and market analyses

How are companies in the financial sector currently adding value? What is your economic value as an employer? What challenges is the industry facing? By regularly surveying ex-perts, we determine the issues that are relevant to the financial sector and offer our opin-ions on potential developments.

Regulation design

The regulatory conditions in the financial sector have changed fundamentally in recent years. With our extensive economic knowledge and many years of industry experience, we can help you overcome these challenges with studies and workshops and help you form an opinion of regulatory initiatives.