Energy supply

The energy sector is in the midst of radical change. For companies, associations and public authorities, the energy revolution calls for repositioning. We help you overcome the specific challenges of your industry with economically substantiated analysis and implementation tools. We help you maintain an overview of regulation and liberalisation initiatives and make the right strategic decisions at the right time.

Network regulation: studies, workshops, advice

Meeting energy policy objectives requires reliable estimates and clear decisions. Whether you are an energy supplier, a network operator, an association, a public authority or a political decision-maker, we can help you position yourself on issues that are relevant to you with our primarily data-based studies and tailored workshops.

Data-based strategy development

How can fulfilment of regulatory requirements actually benefit you? What is your optimal position, either as an individual network operator or a group? We analyse and interpret cost and structural data on your behalf and help you formulate your strategy.


Costing and pricing models

As a network operator or energy supplier, you need a pricing and tariff system that not only meets regulatory requirements but is also able to anticipate economic developments. We support you from preliminary - to post calculation with calculation models that are tailored to your company’s specific situation.

Communication with public authorities and courts

For network operators and energy suppliers, negotiating with regulatory and competition authorities is key. For positioning your company, or dealing with legal proceedings, we offer you strategic advice, determine the facts and data, create detailed analysis, and work closely with your internal or external legal practitioners.