Data management

We efficiently guide your data-based projects towards success – from the secure collection and processing of your data, to the skilled use of statistical and econometric methods, right through to target group-relevant analysis and implementation of the results. Our meticulous care and attention are a given. Trust, precision and professionalism are our top priorities when handling, processing and storing your data.

Secure data exchange

For data-based projects, we will set up a client portal for you. Data exchange is secure and user-friendly, with encrypted HTTP or FTP connections. We have used our IT infrastructure successfully for years and it conforms to with the latest security standards.

Data pools and specific analysis

We have a wealth of database experience, allowing us to conduct complex, tailored analysis and present the results to you in an insightful way. We can also analyse the effect of regulations on your industry as a whole, giving you a basis for discussions with regulatory authorities or during the political process.

Analyses for different groups of stakeholders

Do you have a set of valuable customer data but no time to structure or analyse it? Thanks to our data processing experience and expertise in statistical methods, we can help you analyse your data, present the results in a target group-specific way and derive relevant findings from them.

Tailored data collection and surveys

Would you like to obtain findings from a relevant study to help you make decisions? Then Polynomics is the ideal partner for you. In online, phone or postal surveys, we poll selected experts or representative samples of the population on your behalf and analyse this data in qualitative and quantitative terms.