Additional industries

The transformation of the market economy requires companies, public authorities and associations in every industry to make some fundamental changes. Among the biggest challenges at present are digitalisation and interconnectivity, as well as constantly changing regulatory conditions. As a specialist in these areas, we support you with data-based analysis and other economic methods, including restructuring and repositioning.

Postal services

With monopoly positions relaxed and in some cases removed, postal markets have been undergoing fundamental change in recent years. We can advise you on the regulatory is-sues associated with this change. In addition, our economic analysis helps you adapt your product range to the requirements of digitalisation.


Turbulence in the currency markets has hit the Swiss tourism industry hard. How can you best position yourself as a tourism business or region? We support you with data-based benchmarks that allow you to compare yourself to other providers and work out the most attractive course of action.


Digitalisation has given rise to new providers, new business models and new services, which in turn has made the transport industry more competitive. It has also led to new regulatory conditions. We can help your transport services company develop new products and adopt an optimal strategic position.


Digitalisation is creating new opportunities and challenges for numerous industries, including yours. Just one of these concerns: how to handle enormous volumes of data? We have many years' experience in working with large data sets, and you can benefit from our economic expertise - from analysing your data to launching new services.