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Nemo Datenpool für Lokalnetzbetreiber Gas [26.06.2019]

Seit Mitte Juni haben lokale Gasnetzbetreiber die Möglichkeit, sich zum Quervergleich ihrer Struktur und Kosten anzumelden.

Economics of the Swiss Healthcare Policy [25.06.2019]

Why healthcare reforms have a hard time in Switzerland.

Mehrjahresvergleich der Verteilnetzbetreiber Strom [09.05.2019]

Im Auftrag des VSE/AES Datenpools © haben wir erneut einen Mehrjahresvergleich erstellt, mit dem die VNB ihre Entwicklung über die letzten acht Jahre verfolgen können.

Considerable changes in the efficiency comparison of German distribution network operators [28.03.2019]

The efficiency comparison of German distribution network operators for the third regulation period results in some considerably adjustments of the selected methodology

Nemo Tool Costs and WACC calculator for 2020 tariffs of the Swiss Association of Gas Indus-try (VSG) [27.03.2019]

The entirely revised Nemo Tool for gas distribution network operators is available for download on the VSG extranet.

Regulatory impact assessment: Reference pricing system [21.12.2018]

Regulatory impact assessment for the introduction of a reference pricing system in the market for patent-expired drugs

Banks and insurers in Switzerland 2017 [21.11.2018]

The financial sector is an important economic pillar

Social partnership and social security in the digital age [18.10.2018]

Together with 16 partners, Dr. Hans Werder, Dr. Peter Müller and Polynomics have developed impulses on social partnership and social security in the digital age.

The Effect of EFAS on the Premiums of the HMO-insured [16.09.2018]

Under EFAS a larger part of the cost savings in HMO models can be passed on to the HMO-insured in the form of premium reductions.

Start of key performance indicator and efficiency benchmarking 2018 activities [14.09.2018]

Swiss electricity distribution network operators now can transfer their final ElCom cost calcula-tion for 2019 tariffs to Polynomics.

Study "Vision Employer Policy 2030" [15.06.2018]

Polynomics designs scenario-based future visions and guidance for the employer policy in Switzerland.

Importance of the health service in the Canton of Aargau [14.06.2018]

The health service – a highly complex system and pillar of growth for the economy in Aargau

Polynomics on Twitter and LinkedIn. [06.04.2018]

Now, you can also find Polynomics on social media.

10-year anniversary [25.03.2018]

Polynomics celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year.

New employees at Polynomics [24.03.2018]

At the start of year, we welcomed 2 new consultants to Polynomics.

German gas distribution network operators: 3rd regulation period [01.01.2018]

The third incentive regulation period for German gas distribution network operators began on 01/01/2018.

Paediatric hospitals [21.12.2017]

We have analysed the causes of service-related additional costs in children’s hospitals using the case costs of Swiss network hospitals.

Increasing state economy beyond public service [07.12.2017]

Polynomics wrote a study on potential unfair competition by the state economy in selected sec-tors.

Metering costs for power in Switzerland [30.11.2017]

Polynomics evaluated the metering costs survey by ElCom from summer 2017 as a special topic in the VSE/AES data pool.

Importance of the Swiss financial sector [29.11.2017]

The financial sector is one of the most important sectors in the Swiss economy.