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Integration of nursing services in standardised financing [02.12.2020]

By order of the Federal Office of Public Health, we, in cooperation with HSLU, have analysed which bases have to be created for integrating nursing services in EAFS and outlined implementation proposals.

New employee at Polynomics [01.12.2020]

Lukas Zölch joined the Polynomics team on 1 December 2020.

Oncology. Between regulation and patient use [20.11.2020]

As instructed by Bristol Myers Squibb, we have studied cancer and the progress of cancer treatments.

Social costs of addiction [17.11.2020]

On behalf of the FOPH, we have assessed the costs of addiction in Switzerland.

Impact of choice of the percentile in Hospital benchmarking [22.07.2020]

On commission of the VZK we analyse the impact of choice of the percentile in in benchmarking of the acute stationary hospitals.

Data plausibility check in the VSE/AES datapool [20.07.2020]

Swiss electricity distribution network operators can now upload their ElCom cost accounts for 2021 tariffs to Polynomics for plausibility checks.

The results of the Nemo Data Pool for gas network operators are available [11.05.2020]

Since end of April, participants have access to the comparison of key figures of gas network operators. The data plausibility check for the tariff calculation 2021 will start shortly.

New employees at Polynomics [13.04.2020]

At the start of the second quarter of 2020, we were able to welcome a new consultant, a team assistant, and a student trainee at Polynomics.

Analysis of selected merger cases from Switzerland [12.02.2020]

We discuss how the EU applied the SIEC test in cases comparable to Swiss merger cases

Efficiency comparisons for German distribution network operators [09.12.2019]

Polynomics supports the German energy distribution network operators with the efficiency comparisons of the third regulation period.

New employee at Polynomics [01.11.2019]

As of 01 November 2019, the Polynomics team has expanded to include Dr. Florian Kuhlmey.

Nemo Datenpool für Lokalnetzbetreiber Gas [26.06.2019]

Seit Mitte Juni haben lokale Gasnetzbetreiber die Möglichkeit, sich zum Quervergleich ihrer Struktur und Kosten anzumelden.

Economics of the Swiss Healthcare Policy [25.06.2019]

Why healthcare reforms have a hard time in Switzerland.

Mehrjahresvergleich der Verteilnetzbetreiber Strom [09.05.2019]

Im Auftrag des VSE/AES Datenpools © haben wir erneut einen Mehrjahresvergleich erstellt, mit dem die VNB ihre Entwicklung über die letzten acht Jahre verfolgen können.

Considerable changes in the efficiency comparison of German distribution network operators [28.03.2019]

The efficiency comparison of German distribution network operators for the third regulation period results in some considerably adjustments of the selected methodology